GMC accompanies leading consumer goods companies across regions and sectors. We help to build the best customer management consultancy in all areas. We cover vast majority of sectors including food, beverages, household products, and office products sectors.

GMC essentially:

  • Support customers to increase profit.
  • Build continual value for leading consumer product companies.
  • Enables companies to face new challenges.
  • Pave the way to profitable and durable growth.
  • Help our clients to identify and seize growth opportunities often in partnership with retailers.

GMC works with consumer goods & products companies to:

  • Inspire and provide the adequate growth models and innovation that brings about new products with higher potential and lower risks of failure.
  • Building up a business Strategy, market expansion, and business unit strategy.
  • Financial analysis to Corporate finance, estimating the shareholder value management, and working capital management.
  • Marketing strategy, portfolio management, marketing effectiveness, pricing, trade promotion, sales and channel management.
  • Develop and measure consumer and shopper engagement and loyalty through multiple media and touch points, including traditional advertising, social media and point of sale.
  • Increase a competitive advantage in our customers target choice and adding valuation to their product and service.


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