Across our network of contacts, market awareness and an internationally based team, we are able to source aircraft, which are not necessarily on the market. We can match the right aircraft with the customer’s needs from the right supplier. Our well-experienced Sales Team consists of professionals with vast experience as representative of privet jet owners, operator and brokers with diversified international presence and knowledge. We can provide inclusive solutions to the clients such as commercial negotiation to secure the best price, key interface between buyer and sellers, inspection arrangement, Aircraft acceptance, delivery and registration &pilot requirements.

By working together with aviation registries we also give access to the world’s leading aviation jurisdictions, including the Isle of Man and Malta, as well as expert advice on the cost and tax efficient structuring of your assets.

We also provide the formation and maintenance of suitable ownership structures, insurance, aircraft registration, acquisition, opening and operating bank accounts advice and services to our potential clients.


Growth opportunities and competitive advantage characterise GMC’s principal factors. We aim to support stakeholders, transportations agencies, offshore companies, port and maritime organisations to meet today’s business challenges through the competitive market. We evaluate complex environment and market dynamics, cooperating with the world’s leading shipbrokers; we provide a full range of services within all markets, facilitating every aspect of purchasing and sale of the vessels easier for our clients.

Our services includes: 

  • Supportive project budgets. 
  • Time management and stakeholder relations.
  • Establishing procurement objectives with the end client. 
  • Marketing, communication and negotiation with the world’s leading shipbrokers and asset holders. 
  • Inspection /survey arrangement & provide comprehensive survey reports, condition and evaluation audits on vessels located all over the world, whether afloat or in dry dock by our quality ship surveyors and marine consultants.

GMG provides innovative thinking and consulting support to leading institutions across the entire transport value chain. Advance management consultancy in strategies and creating new opportunities for communication and sales, accounted as main elements in this industry for our clients. 

Flexibility and a clear differentiation are the GMC’s key success factors. With the deep understanding of our client’s requirements, we would be able to offer a comprehensive selection of high quality vessels of various designs.


Spectacular entrepreneurial ideas lead us to established GMC as a trusted advisor and reliable specialist to assist customer’s progression on the road of success all over the world. We are supported by the third largest Wealth Fund Globally . We have invested heavily in establishing direct relationships with key suppliers, thus ensuring a robust and quality supply chain with established processes and procedures (Corporate Governance & Compliance) . All our products are certified, quality checked on the ground and comply with CE & FDA standards • We pride ourselves on offering Service Excellence Quality Service with High ROI.

Customer perception:

The business world is changing faster than ever. However, we will get the crucial points as who are the customers, what’s their target and how we could respond to their needs and then we adjust operating models to meet those needs. Nevertheless we recognise that customers, spend time with them, spot their behaviours and look for trends.

We serves a variety of healthcare clients, including capital ventures, public and private payers and suppliers , with a focus on large scale primary healthcare, and supply-chain transformation.

We also work with clients as diverse as local, regional, and national health systems ; hospitals and primary care providers; start-up companies in the United Kingdom, across Europe, and Asia and Middle East. 

  • Customer segmentation:

We believe the authentic business objectives can be covered in the segmentation process when companies try to reach all customers in all capacities.However, focusing on Identifying segmentation objectives and do the necessarily action on economics initially enables us to design and implement distinct segmentation strategies for our customers.This requires determining which segments allow generates more profit per customer than their competitors.P

  • Sales & Channel Effectiveness:

We emphasize our responsibility to pinpoint the opportunities, which make productive sales and maximize the revenue by realizing the sales channels of our potential customers. GMC lead and support customers to recognizes the importance of time consuming, effective forecasting throughout the process.