Growth opportunities and competitive advantage characterise GMC’s principal factors. We aim to support stakeholders, transportations agencies, offshore companies, port and maritime organisations to meet today’s business challenges through the competitive market. We evaluate complex environment and market dynamics, cooperating with the world’s leading shipbrokers; we provide a full range of services within all markets, facilitating every aspect of purchasing and sale of the vessels easier for our clients.

Our services includes: 

  • Supportive project budgets. 
  • Time management and stakeholder relations.
  • Establishing procurement objectives with the end client. 
  • Marketing, communication and negotiation with the world’s leading shipbrokers and asset holders. 
  • Inspection /survey arrangement & provide comprehensive survey reports, condition and evaluation audits on vessels located all over the world, whether afloat or in dry dock by our quality ship surveyors and marine consultants.

GMG provides innovative thinking and consulting support to leading institutions across the entire transport value chain. Advance management consultancy in strategies and creating new opportunities for communication and sales, accounted as main elements in this industry for our clients. 

Flexibility and a clear differentiation are the GMC’s key success factors. With the deep understanding of our client’s requirements, we would be able to offer a comprehensive selection of high quality vessels of various designs.